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Maintenance Supervisor Aquiles Lopez changes an air filter in a community room.

Maintenance Supervisors Bring Unparalleled Value to Apartment Living

June 26, 2023

Maintenance teams are key in ensuring the smooth functioning and overall well-being of Fairfield apartment communities nationwide. They play a vital role in addressing emergencies to help minimize disruptions and inconveniences for residents. By being readily available and efficient in their work, maintenance teams contribute to creating a positive living experience, fostering a sense of community, and enhancing the overall value of apartment complexes.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on three Maintenance Supervisors—who contribute significantly to their community’s culture—to showcase their important work and inspire others to follow their passions. Meet Rosalinda Ortega from The Dominion Apartments, Lester Atkins from Magnolia Pointe Apartment Homes, and Aquiles Dominguez Lopez from Pulse Millenia Apartments, whose dedication to creating better living brings joy to residents and fellow Fairfield associates alike.

The Importance of Maintenance Teams

Apartmentality: What is an average day like in your role?

Rosalinda Ortega: For the first hour, we walk the community for trash and curb appeal. Once trash is completed, I meet with my team and discuss the plan for the day: covering both service requests and any “make readys” (making an apartment move-in ready) that need to be completed. While the team is getting started on those tasks, I work on my administrative responsibilities, such as scheduling vendors. Then I, too, will either take service requests or complete a make ready. At the end of the day, I check to see if all the service requests have been closed out or scheduled and check in with the leasing team to let them know if we need to call a resident or touch base with them regarding their service request.

Lester Atkins: There is no such thing as an average day in my role!       

Apartmentality: What is your favorite type of project to work on?

Rosalinda Ortega: I enjoy working with air conditioners because I love the challenge of finding the problem and working through different processes to fix the issue.

Aquiles Dominguez Lopez: I enjoy fixing appliances most. I love to see residents happy after the job is done and they can use them again. 

Apartmentality: What do you like best about working in the maintenance field?

Lester Atkins: My favorite thing is when we get the resident to fully and clearly understand how we are going to correct the issue they are having, and then we make it happen.      

Aquiles Dominguez Lopez: I love feeling accomplished after a job well done and knowing the residents are happy with our work.


Apartmentality: What is the most challenging part of working in maintenance?

Rosalinda Ortega: The most challenging part is working within the budget and having to sacrifice some projects because it is not in the budget.

Aquiles Dominguez Lopez: The most challenging part is balancing the workload of both paperwork and the actual tasks.


Apartmentality: Who or what is the biggest inspiration for you to succeed in your career?

Rosalinda Ortega: Being a woman in a predominantly male field inspires me to push myself to be the best that I can. I believe it is important to have more women in the maintenance field to show that just because you are a woman does not mean you are not capable of embracing a role in a male dominant field. Si se puede! (Yes, we can!)

Lester Atkins: I am lucky to have Regional Maintenance leaders tell me to call them at any time if I have any questions or need any help and really mean it. It’s not just a catchphrase.


Apartmentality: What support do you get from Fairfield to develop new skills?

Rosalinda Ortega: The training webinars and videos, classes and user guides are great resources. I feel that I can reach out to my regional with questions and he will get an answer back to me or provide me with different options or solutions. I never feel like I am not able to ask questions.

Aquiles Dominguez Lopez: Fairfield is a great company! They give us support by training us and also financially supporting some trainings that they do not provide internally.

Careers in Maintenance at Fairfield

If working with your hands, making improvements, and helping people live better lives are passions of yours, check out our nationwide career opportunities.


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